Introduction II

An introduction is a vital part of a paper because it sets the tone for the rest of the paper. And oftentimes, a reader will decide to read past the introduction only if the introduction is well written.

So it’s very important that you put some thought and effort into the introduction.

So, there are two things an introduction needs to include, and there are many things the introduction should not include.

So, first, the things an introduction should include. One, a thesis statement. And two, an attention getter.

So, a thesis statement briefly tells what the paper is going to be about. Now, you’re not going to structure your thesis statement by saying, “I’m going to tell you about…” or, “My paper will explain this.” It’s more of a general concept or general argument that the entire paper is going to refer back to. So, every concept and idea in the paper is going to fall under the umbrella of the thesis statement and relate back to it.

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