GED Classes Independence, Missouri

In this post, you can find all HiSET (formerly: GED®) prep facilities and testing centers in the Independence area.

In Missouri, you will have to pass the HiSET exam to earn a High school equivalency (HSE) diploma.

HSE testing gives individuals who did not graduate high school the chance to get hold of an equivalent degree.

The HiSET measures knowledge at a level similar to what students must have learned during four years in high school.

The HiSET includes five (if wished, separate) subtests that cover the fields of science, social studies, writing, reading, and math.

You can sit for the HiSET in a paper-based version or in a computer-based format.

MO HiSET Practice Test

Recently, Missouri decided to waive the HiSET testing fee of 98,75 to first-time test-takers.

In 2019, Missouri passed legislation to help first-time applicants by waiving the fee for them.

Independence GED (HiSET) prep sites

Mid-Continent Library Independence
15616 East U.S. Hwy 24, Independence, Missouri 64050, Ph: (816) 836.5200

Fort Osage Career and Technology Center
2101 North Twyman Rd, Independence, Missouri 64058, Ph: (816) 650.7180

Hawthorne Community Center
16995 East Dover Ln, Independence, Missouri 64056, Ph: (816) 521.5507

Independence Salvation Army 
14700 East Truman Rd, Independence, Missouri 64050, Ph: (816) 252.3200

Maywood Baptist Church
10505 East Winner Rd, Independence, Missouri 64052, Ph: (816) 254.3344

Noland Road Baptist Church
4505 South Noland Road, Independence, Missouri 64055, Ph: (816) 373.0106

Truman High School
3301 S Noland Rd, Independence, Missouri 64055, Ph: (816) 521.5350

Independence Adult Education
201 Nh Forest Ave, Independence, Missouri 64050, Ph: (816) 521.5507

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GED Requirements in Missouri

Sites around Independence (cities by alphabet)

Hall-McCarter Learning Center (Blue Springs Adult Ed)
5000 N.W. Valley View Rd, Blue Springs, Missouri 64015, Ph: (816) 874.3762

Brookfield Career Ctr (Green Hills Comm. Action Agency)
122 South Pershing Rd, Brookfield, Missouri 64628, Ph: (660) 258.2682

Carrollton Library
1 N Folger St, Carrollton, Missouri 64735, Ph: (660) 542.3225

Chillicothe Alternative School (Green Hills Comm. Action Agency)
1020 West Old Hwy 36, Chillicothe, Missouri 64601, Ph: (660) 646.0013 (ext. 21)

Job Corps Center Excelsior Springs
701 Saint Louis Ave, Excelsior Springs, Missouri 64024, Ph: (816) 629.3111

Cass County Library Harrisonville
400 East Mechanic St, Harrisonville, Missouri 64701, Ph: (816) 331.4909

New Hope Academy
1004 Newton Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64126, Ph: (816) 595.0800
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The Shepherd’s Way
425 S.W. Madison St, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063, Ph: (816) 525.2932

Liberty Housing HiSET Classes
P.O. Box 17, Liberty, Missouri 64069, Ph: (816) 781.8988

Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
1415 South Odell Ave, Marshall, Missouri 65340, Ph: (660) 886.7476 (ext. 834)
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Richmond Employment Ctr
103-E  N Main St, Richmond, Missouri 64085, Ph: (660) 259.4671

Warrensburg Adult Ed.
1034-B S Maguire St, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093, Ph: (660) 429.0062

Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
124 North Holden St, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093. Ph: (660) 747.2245

Warsaw Adult Education
1601 Commercial St, Warsaw, Missouri 65355, Ph: (660) 596.7389

Community of Christ Church
130 Lillie Ln, Warsaw, Missouri 65355, Ph: (660) 438.9333

Wellington Christian Center
710 West 224 Hwy, Wellington, Missouri 64097, Ph: (816) 934.2707 (ext. 10)

Windsor Methodist Church
216 South Main St, Windsor, Missouri 65360, Ph: (660) 221.6084

MO online free HiSET classes

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HiSET testing sites around Independence

Metropolitan Comm. Coll. Blue River
20301 Hwy 78, Independence, Missouri 64057, Ph: (816) 604.6777

MCC Business & Technology (Campus Center, Rm 176)
1775 Universal Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64120, Ph: (816) 604.2564

MCC-Maple Woods (Learning Resource, Rm 174)
2601 NE Barry Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64156, Ph: (816) 604.2564

MCC-Penn Valley (Humanities, Rm 009)
3201 Southwest Trafficway, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, Ph: (816) 604.2564

MCC-Longview (Campus Center, Rm 242)
500 SW Longview Rd, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64081, Ph: (816) 604.2564

The University of Central Missouri
Ward Edwards Bldg (Rm 1114), Warrensburg, Missouri 64093, Ph: (660) 543.4919

HiSET Essay Topics w/ Sample


Missouri doesn’t use the GED test anymore for HSE High School Equivalency) testing, but made the switch to the alternative HiSET exam. The GED is delivered exclusively in a computer-based format and the price nearly doubled when the latest edition of the GED exam was rolled out across America. Reasons enough for many states to make the switch to another high school equivalency test provider. Missouri chose for the HiSET.

Getting well-prepared is crucial as the test hasn’t become any easier. To see if you qualify, go to HiSET in Missouri, and you may also want to check out this post that comes with links to all U.S. GED programs.

No testing over the Internet

You can NOT take the HiSET or the GED exam online. Websites with a different message that promise such options are false. These sites are run by con artists only wanting to steal your hard-earned money. Online preparation is a fine option, especially for students pressed for time or who live in remote regions, but testing needs to be done at certified testing centers.

Career Option – Earth Driller

To become an Earth Driller you need to be a super-organized person with attention to detail. An Earth Driller gets a pay level in a range of 32000 to 48000 depending on the level of experience. Earth Drillers (except for oil and gas), can earn a decent living.

Earth Driller Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $48,520
  • Projected Lifetime Earnings: $1,872,650

Earth Driller – Education

The required education to become Earth Driller starts with at least a high school or equivalent diploma, followed by a few years of vocational training and on-the-job instruction. There are positions that require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but in all cases, to become earth drillers, employees must gain experience by working fora longer period of time with experienced employees. Previous work-related experience and knowledge are usually helpful to land a good position, and mastering all required skills is definitely a must.

Earth Driller – Required skills

Earth Drillers must master excellent control precision, have the skill to repeatedly and quickly adjust their tools or the controls of the used machinery or vehicle to make sure everything is in the exact position. They must be able to coordinate several limbs, such as two legs, two arms, one arm and one leg, or vice versa, while performing their tasks in a standing, sitting, or lying position. They can only do their job optimally if they additionally are able to perform their tasks while quickly move their hands and arms, and have the capability to respond quickly to all sorts of signals. 

Well-developed critical thinking skills are needed to be able to identify the pros and cons of all sorts of options, to approach problems in the appropriate way, and to come up with the best solutions. In general, you may say that they must have knowledge of all tools, materials, and methods, involved in the field of constructing or repairing of houses or buildings, or in the repair or construction of all sorts of other structures, for examples major infrastructural projects such as bridges, roads, or highways.

Earth Driller – The Job

Earth Drillers (except in the sector oil & gas) work with a variety of drills, for example, pneumatic, rotary, and churn drills for the tapping of underground water or salt deposits to mention just a few applications. They will be removing core samples for the purpose of soil testing or mineral exploration, and they can be performing their tasks to enable the use of explosives in the construction or mining industries. These professionals must be able to operate hoists, cranes, or various other equipment used for moving or lifting materials at sometimes very remote or hostile locations.

They work with equipment to regulate rotary speed, air pressure, downward pressure, or any other device required to perform their tasks appropriately, and they must understand their available options according to what kind of concrete or rock that needs to be drilled. They verify alignments and depths of indicated boring positions, and they must be able to monitor all sorts of drilling operations.

They will have to check various gauges and be able to understand and listen to their equipment to assess the conditions of drilling and to decide on, or adjust, the proper drilling equipment and methods. They are required to decide on the locations to put casings into holes, and the application of the appropriate drills for a specific job, and have proper knowledge of soil or rock conditions.

As they often work in publicly accessible areas, Earth Drillers must have extensive knowledge of not only available and relevant equipment, they also must know a lot about procedures, strategies, and policies so they can operate in line with local, state, or federal security operations standards and regulations, to ensure public safety, and protect public or private property, data, and they need to understand how to work in accordance with institutional guidelines.

They are required to command a basic understanding of business in general and management principles, such as resource allocation, strategic planning, leadership skills, production methods, and coordinating resources and people. Furthermore, these professionals need to master the principals of algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry, and how to apply this.

What do they use

The tools used by Earth Drillers include air rotary drills, core drill rigs, cable tool drills, earth drilling machinery, handheld or fixed remote thermometers, mud rotary drilling machines, pneumatic rotary drills, or truck-mounted water pumps. They are using various data entry software programs to perform their duties, as well as GPS (Global Positioning System) software, so knowledge of basic software programs is required.

To be able to perform their tasks adequately, earth drillers must have not only knowledge of how to use tools and machines, but they must also understand their design, and be able to maintain and repair all equipment and tools that are at their disposal.

Job outlook and earnings

The average annual earnings for these professionals is 48,520 and the job outlooks are great. The employment possibilities of these professionals are expected to increase by more than 15% over the coming decade.



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