Yes, because you can prepare for the GED exam online and therefore you can get your GED diploma fast (even in 4-5 weeks).

No, because taking the GED exam is NOT possible online!

Avoid Fake GED diplomas

Never try to buy a fake GED diploma! Schools and employers can quickly verify your fake document, and you will get into a lot of trouble and lose money. Buying a fake diploma means throwing your money away and asking for trouble. You’ll likely be shamed. You’ll more than likely be sued. So why bother? Just spend few months preparing for the GED test and get your real diploma. You deserve a better life.

But you can prepare for the test using free online resources. So don’t miss out and choose one of the options and get quick results.

Free Online Resources for the GED prep

You can start right now by checking these free GED online video classes. These video lessons are short, and to the point, under each video, you will find a brief mini-practice test.

It is important to acknowledge that a computer-based GED® test has two tests that include writing (Extended Response). Extended Response (ER) items are included in the RLA test and the Social Studies test. Items are scored on three dimensions:
1) Analysis of Arguments and Use of Evidence, 2) Development of Ideas and Organizational Structure and 3) Clarity and Command of Standard English Conventions.

So you should be prepared for it. Our GED lessons are fast-paced and to the point. We suggest checking them a few times, as repetition is an important part of learning new information and concepts. How well you do on this test will have a significant impact on your future- and we have the research and practical advice to help you execute on test day. Our tips will help you avoid the most common errors test takers frequently make. You can also start by taking a GED practice test or checking the video lessons. The choice is yours.

Powerful GED Online Tips

  1. Check what you-know-what are your weak points and what subjects you need to learn to pass the GED exam. To test your knowledge, take a GED practice test. You can take a free practice test (we have 100+ tests here).
  2. Also, you can take the official GED Ready practice test offered by GED Testing Services. This test costs $6 per subject.
  3. It’s totally normal if you don’t pass the practice test, meaning you will need to make time and learn for the test. Fortunately, you don’t need to go back to school. We have all subjects available as free video lessons. It might take anything from 3 months to 12 months to get ready for the GED test.
  4. Suggested plan:
    • Choose one the easiest subjects for you to learn. Most people want English Language or Social Studies.
    • Focus on just this one subject. Spend 1 hour listening to videos – 3 times per week.
    • When you feel ready, take once again free or paid GED Practice Test. I would suggest you take the official GED Ready practice test.
  5. If you pass, sign up for the GED test through the portal. You will be able to choose a place, date and time, everything online.
  6. You will know the results of the test the same day.
  7. Take a short break and repeat the whole process for the next GED subject.
  8. There are four GED subtests, so repeat all steps three more times, and you will be the proud holder of your GED diploma.

Short GED Practice Test-Check What You Know

Take the first step right now by checking what you know with this short practice test. Our GED Online Prep is designed to help students pass the GED exam on the first try. The new GED Test is computer-based, so it makes sense to use online classes and online practice tests. However, you need the proper resources if you don’t want to fail a bunch of times.

Remember: During the GED exam, time is your greatest enemy and therefore you should get used to the timer when training for the tests. In this way, you can strengthen your confidence.

Online GED Testing

We are often asked if online GED testing is possible now that the updated GED test is entirely computer-based. Well, though everything regarding the GED is computerized, testing itself is not feasible online! You are required to come to a regional testing center and take the GED (or the HiSET or TASC exam) in person while bringing proper identification documents. High school equivalency test centers can be found in numerous location all across America.

Your Learning Preferences

Ask yourself how you want to learn. Do you want to do self-study or a guided program? Video? Audio? Books only? Every option is right if it works for you. Whatever your learning preferences are, try our online resources and a plan that helped many students to pass the GED exam on the first try. Keep in mind: GED Practice tests are vital.

If you don’t know what areas you need to study, you may waste a lot of time and energy. Taking a GED practice test (or assessment) is the first step in your GED test preparation, and by doing this, you will better understand what you need to focus. Keeping track of what questions were challenging and understanding your GED testing scores could help you plan what you need to study.

One of the top excuses often repeated by people who didn’t get a GED is: “I don’t have money for GED books” but learning for a GED doesn’t need to cost money. It’s free to learn, but you need to want it. Are you ready for more?

GED Prep and Your Family

Make sure your family is supporting your learning for the GED exam. It is often overlooked. Assure that your family supports you mentally and helps with daily household tasks. What do you do if your family is not supportive? Then just stay at work and study there.

Why do we feel insecure

Do you feel insecure in the student role? Do you doubt your ability to success? You might be suffering from a case of impostor syndrome. The imposter syndrome makes us feel like we’re cheating. Even if you’re quite knowledgeable and have significant experience. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. To overcome this syndrome you need to realize what you are experiencing and change your mindset. Check also tips from Harvard Business Review about overcoming this syndrome.

Removing Distractions

Studying for the GED Exam is just a short but intense period so when you are learning for the GED exam, try to stay from distractions that kill your precious time. You will be able to enjoy everything when you are the proud holder of the GED diploma.

  • Turn off Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter, etc.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Stay motivated. Remind yourself why you are doing this.

Effectiveness of GED Online Prep

GED Online instruction is becoming more and more popular, but the big question is if it is effective or just a waste of your time. Well, the answer is both. Online learning requires a high level of self-discipline, a stimulating environment, and real commitment. Not everybody can do that. We’ve seen so many students who began learning full of enthusiasm only to drop their study routine after just a few weeks.

Some students are not benefiting at all from online courses and will be better off at a real school, in a class with other students, under the guidance of a dedicated instructor. You can find all GED prep facilities across America here.

Student’s preconception

Adults have learned many things informally through on-the-job training, through talking with friends, through observation, and through trial and error. It doesn’t mean they have learned everything completely or even correctly, but it means that adults have developed some preconceptions. When information presented in the courses conflicts with a student’s preconception, learning can be delayed or distorted. In other words, students can drop their learning routine. Good Instructors in traditional classes know how to balance the respect for students’ opinions.

How to overcome this problem

  • Take your time to think about it
  • Check other resources
  • Try to accept the new way of thinking

How To Stay Motivated

I know it’s not easy to stay motivated. I know because I was there myself. I lost motivation and learning became less necessary. Then a friend reminded me that when you do nothing, you get nothing. I started by learning how it happens that successful people always get what they want. I discovered that it all has to do with setting tangible goals. It is the crucial part. It worked for me, and I hope will work for you too.

Why do you need a GED diploma?

Ask yourself why do you need a GED diploma? Do you want a better job and a better future? Then you will probably need additional education. What would you like to become?

I want you to find schools that will lead you to your dream job. We prepared a list of schools for you. Please fill up the form here, and you will receive information about your desired education and potential job offers. How tangible is that? It starts becoming real, and when you earn your GED diploma, you will be able to join this school and move forward towards a better future. This step is an important part of our plan. Don’t wait, take action, spend 1 minute to get this useful, free information.

GED Diploma and Goals Settings

Set your Goals and Make them tangible Your goals need to be “smart.” SMART is a best practice basis for setting goals. A SMART goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.
It’s important that you write them down. There is an enormous power in writing your goals down.
When you write something down, you are stating your intention and setting things in motion.
Your profile page has a section called “Set your goals.”

This is a crucial part of the whole GED Challenge process. Did you know that just 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions? They start with enthusiasm only to abound the plan after a few weeks. Those who achieve their goal made their goal tangible and were kept accountable.

Learn to be confident

One of the biggest obstacles to getting your GED can be your attitude. Anxiety, fear and lack of motivation are huge problems, and they’re the hardest ones to overcome. It’s not easy to fight your feelings. How do you learn to feel better about yourself? How do you learn to be confident? Well, the truth is that you can be successful and accomplish your goals, no matter what teachers or family members have told you in the past. Negative voices from the past, fear of failure, and stress are all very real, but they’re problems that you can overcome.

I want to tell you how I discovered to pass tests, and I never failed. You know why? Because I learned how to build systems that keep me on track. Some time ago, I needed to pass the French language exam (hear me: pass the exam, not learn a language) and my teacher and I had quite an advanced learning plan: 3 hours x 3 days a week. I texted my teacher Wednesday afternoon:

  • “I’ll not make it; I’m too tired.”
  • My teacher wrote back:
  • “Come in any way, let’s hang out.”
  • I shook my head and went to meet him. That day I learned again, and I was back on track.

My takeaway: Sometimes you need a stranger to push you to the next level. I want to apply this to your GED exam preparation. Let us help you!

What other students say about our GED Prep

“I left high school young to have my daughter and now that she is 3 I have decided to go back and finish so I can make a better life for us. I started on my own but found I couldn’t keep focused. Then I found your page, and it was nice to be working on classes that are up to date, and you care enough to be updating with weekly articles. I found it very encouraging and am happy to report that I will be ready to write my final in just a few short weeks!”
Sarah T.

“Having access to this site helped me earn my GED this time. I have tried before but found the sites I was taking classes from was really out of date and I never felt like the information was correct, so I’d end up giving up. I know this time around though I’m going to finish and it’s all thanks to you! I love that you care enough to keep it up to date and it helps me feel as though I can trust where the info I’m learning is coming from! Thank you and keep up the good work.”
Tosh W.


Remember you can make it, there is no lift to success, you need to take the stairs and fight all obstacles. The most important objective of the GED program, just like the now available two alternatives HiSET and TASC, is to offer those who did not complete high school an additional chance to earn a credential that is recognized and accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by practically all educational institutions and employers.