GED, HiSET, and TASC are exams that allow adult students, who never finished high school, get their High School Equivalency Credential.

This credential is all across America accepted just like a high school diploma by practically all institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and employers.

The GED Test is the most popular exam but not all states offer the possibility of GED testing.

For example, in New York State you can take only the TASC exam and in Tennessee only the HiSET test. Some states allow students to choose out of two or all three HSE tests.

You can check “”>which High School Equivalency test(s) is (are) available in your state here.

HSE diploma:

Once you have secured your High School Equivalency (GED, HiSET or TASC) diploma, you qualify for academic or vocational programs that will allow you to land a good job in the career field you’ve always dreamed of.

The High School Equivalency diploma also can get you ahead in your current professional development. You can choose to sign up for an online degree program, r get educated in a more traditional classroom setting at a vocational or trade school, in college or university.

Whatever your choice, the HSE diploma makes it possible. Let’s take a look at available options.

 GED Test

The latest version of the GED test includes four instead of five individual tests in the academic fields of Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Science, Social Studies, and Math (Mathematical Reasoning).

The GED test is only offered on a computer. The passing score on each of the four GED sub-tests is 145 points. Read all about it here.

The computerized GED results will be at your disposal after a few hours already except for the essay part, that needs longer to be properly assessed.

At the GED test, you have two whole years to complete the four test modules, so your test results will be valid for that period of time from the moment of your first registration.

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Some states changed from the GED to TASC (developed by CTB/McGraw Hill) while others opted for the HiSET (created by ETS – Educational Testing Services) and a few states offer all three options.

The HiSET and TASC exams include five tests in these fields: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Literacy Writing, and Literacy Reading.

The HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) and the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) are offered both computer-formatted and in a paper-based version while the four GED tests must be taken on a computer. In New Jersey, all three test options must be taken on a computer.

The HiSET and TASC exams include five tests that don’t need to be taken in one session as well.

You will receive your test results after around five to six weeks if you test paper-based.

All three exams lead, on successful completion, to an HSE certificate or diploma. This document opens the doors to a college education and a secondary education diploma is more or less a ‘must’ for practically all future employment positions.

To be able to qualify for credit classes or get financial support at schools of higher learning, you definitely are required to hold a high school or equivalent diploma, so be wise, and try to get your HS equivalency diploma as soon as you possibly can.

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Which HSE Exam Is Available Where?

To see a full overview of which HSE testing options are offered in which states, go to this page.

Some states subsidize the HSE examination partially, and there are four states that fully subsidize the cost of the exam for their residents (New York, West Virginia, Maine and Connecticut)

Beware that the GED, TASC or HiSET exam cannot be taken online, you must go in person to a state-designated test center, though online preparation can be a great solution for students living in remote areas or those who are not in a position to attend classes in a traditional setting.

Online High School

In some cases, students may need a high school diploma instead of a GED test certificate. Some military entry-level functions require a high school diploma, and some colleges don’t accept the GED test for admission. In those cases, online high schools provide a great solution. These programs offer you the chance to study when and where you want, not only from the convenience of your own home, but also at their own pace, and in accordance with your agenda. When you are ready to go this way, be sure to select an online high school that runs a program that is accredited by a major accreditation agency.

High School Diploma for Adults

Many adults are unaware that the GED-TASC-HiSET track is absolutely not their only possibility of obtaining a high school diploma. Most Community Adult Schools offer both High School Diploma for Adults as well as GED-TASC-HiSET Preparation and Testing.

Top Online High Schools

We can find a growing number of online high schools that are supported by brick-and-mortar colleges and these school are perceived as the top online high schools. 

Career Change

Regardless of whether you choose to study ‘on-campus’ or ‘on-line’, here you can discover academic programs that will suit you perfectly.

Getting information helps students to choose the right college along with a suitable course that will give them a better career exposure. There are various ways of studying nowadays. Based on your preferences, you can get hold of a suitable regular, online course or any distance education. Detailed information about the course curriculum and other academic aids are available for you

You can also combine reliable resources on colleges & universities, distance learning, education directories, financial aid, higher education, homeschooling, international, methods & theories, miscellaneous, online degrees, regional, special education, subjects etc of your choice.  Find the best college and make an informative decision. Students who want to gain the proper guidance for a winning career ask for the information here and get your success key. 

Prepare Well!

The content of the HiSET and TASC resembles the former GED test, so you may very well make use of this website’s free video lessons and practice tests to get all set for the real thing fast.

Please check with a testing center in your area to discover which alternative(s) they are using for HSE testing to avoid possible disappointment.

Over the next few years, all tests will make the transition to ‘computerized’ testing, but for now, only the GED test is offered solely this way.

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