GED Test 2018 and High Impact Indicators

To pass the GED® exam, you need be familiar with more than 300 topics. That’s a lot of content, so it can be hard to focus your studying.

So it’s great that the GED testing service, the official GED organization, identified a number of topics that  are “the basis for the development of other skills covered in the GED .” These topics are called High Impact Indicators.

In plain English, it means that if you customize yourself with these High Impact Indicator topics, you will be able to prepare for the GED test much faster.

Each of our Premium Plans includes 25-45 High Impact Indicators Lessons.  

These lessons are short but full of important information. In short videos, we explain complex problems in an easy to understand way.

None of them is too difficult. Just study one at a time until you are comfortable with each one.

All of the lessons listed in the GED preparation course are vital to passing the test. However, the High Impact Indicators are important because they can have a big impact on your general test preparation.

An example of this kind of content is a lesson called: “Searching for Evidence.”

While it’s included in RLA GED prep, it’s also extremely useful in Social Studies, Science, and Math.

Another example is a lesson “Calculating ratios and percents,” this lesson will be also helpful in answering questions in Science test.

As you see, High Impact Indicators topics are indeed widely applicable.

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