GED Prep – How To Stay Perfectly Motivated

Ask yourself why do you need the high school equivalency (GED, TASC, or HiSET) diploma? Do you want a better job and a better future?

Then you will probably need additional education. I want you to find schools that will lead you to your dream job.

What would you like to become?  Do you want to be a nurse?

Then you need to apply to a nursing school. Want to be a construction manager? Ask for information about a construction management school.

This step is an important part of our plan. You want to make your goal to look real.

When I was learning for a French language exam I had the goal to get a job that required passing a French language exam and make $7000 per year more.

The extra $7,000 represented freedom – not needing to work a second job to pay my bills. (By the way, I didn’t need to speak French but only needed to be able to operate a French computer system, the same way you don’t need to be a math genius, you need only to pass the GED exam).

The one thing that helped me was putting this goal on the desktop background of my computer. That way I was reminded of it every time I turned on my computer.

You may want to invest in similar reminders so that you can regain your motivation. If you are ready for the test, sign up for the real exam on, read here my review of MyGED.

Did you know that just one month after starting GED prep classes many people already give up?  They feel overwhelmed and get disappointed that learning is taking time.

  • You don’t want to be one of these people, right? You want a fresh start. You want to make things better and be happier.

The real secret to succeeding is progress. If you want to make progress you have to take control. Not just hope that it will work out.
Here is your opportunity to take control of your life and follow the path that’s already responsible for creating many successful people.

Start learning by taking small steps

Start with 30 minutes of learning, just once a week, before you know you will feel more and more comfortable with learning and you will like your routine. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, here are free GED video programs. Start learning now.


Act. Learn. Repeat. This is what defeats uncertainty…provided that you actually start and try to turn your idea into reality.


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