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Getting ready for the GED test is an achievement. You deserve recognition and support therefore we want to help you discover your GED Potential.

Our experience shows that passing the GED test requires more than just learning a few lessons. Your GED Potential is not just based on your academic knowledge but rather on your approach and willingness to accept change. Are you ready to answer a few questions?

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GED Prep Lessons from The Top Comedian

You can learn a lot from the top comedian, Eddie Murphy. When he was once asked: where do you get your confidence from? He said:

When I’m doing a show, I really prepare a lot, and I spend a lot of time refining material. And I’m sure it works, and it works really well; otherwise, I wouldn’t do the show. So, yes, I’m very confident because I worked on it.

Think about this answer. Murphy honestly says that he prepares a lot, refines materials, he repeats it. So, he knows it works.

So, what does Eddie Murphy has to do with your GED Prep?

With Online GED Classes from Onsego, getting your GED is not hard. Let us help you. Get Started.

The lesson to remember here is that getting results is not about finding a magic pill that can transport you instantly to your goals.

It is about being prepared, and therefore confident that you get what you want. Your GED Potential is important but you need to make things happen.

Last Updated on October 4, 2021.