The GED Social Studies test is divided into four main content areas: Civics and Government, which covers around 50 percent of the test; United States History, which covers around 20 percent of the test; Economics, which covers around 15 percent of the test; as well as Geography and the World, which covers the remaining 15 percent of the test.

Government and Civics

You should be familiar with each of the concepts mentioned here, and you should be able to recognize and understand, in context, each of the terms listed there. The test will determinate your skills in analyzing social studies information.

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U.S. History

Get familiar with the following topics. During the GED Social Studies Test, it will be required that you use your best reading skills due to text complexity

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15% of the GED Social Studies test content will contain topics related to economics. Get yourself familiar with these concepts to increase the chances of passing the GED test.

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15% of test content is about Geography. You should demonstrate the knowledge of reading and interpreting graphs, charts, and other data representations.

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World History

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