To help you pass the GED Science Test, we provide the Decrypting The GED Online Classes. These online classes include the following topics:

  • 17 Strategies for approaching the GED Science tests
  • 67 video lessons
  • 14 practice tests
  • Printable Practice Test
  • Motivation and Study Plans

Why Decrypting The GED Matters

We analyzed many GED tests and discovered the most important factors that help students take the exam successfully.

We packed these discoveries into the Decrypting The GED Course. Now, this course provides you with easy to follow, yet unique strategies, video lessons, and practice tests so you can prepare for the GED Test in a smart way and visibly increase your chances to pass the GED Test.


GED Science Test Overview

Approximately 40% of the GED Science Test focuses on life science, 40% on physical science, and 20% on earth and space science. The questions are based on short readings that often include a graph, chart, or figure.

You will need to refer to these visuals often while answering the questions. Usually, 2-3 questions refer to the same visual image. Questions are based on science topics in real-world contexts. Students will not have to recall isolated facts.

You will have eighty-five minutes to answer fifty multiple-choice questions.  Each question has five possible answers, and you must select the best answer.

Keep in mind; the GED Science Test items assess your ability to use thinking skills to respond to questions about science reading passages and graphics.