To help you pass the GED Math Test, we provide the Decrypting The GED Online Classes for Math. These online classes include the following topics:

  • 50 Strategies for approaching the GED Math tests
  • 85 video lessons
  • 40 practice tests
  • Printable Practice Test
  • Motivation and Study Plans

Why Decrypting The GED Matters

We analyzed many GED tests and discovered the most important factors that help students take the exam successfully.

We packed these discoveries into the Decrypting The GED Course. Now, this course provides you with easy to follow, yet unique strategies, video lessons, and practice tests so you can prepare for the GED Test in a smart way and visibly increase your chances to pass the GED Test.


Overview of the GED Math Test

The math part of the latest version of the GED exam assesses your analytical and critical thinking skills as well as your problem-solving competencies. GED® Math online classes are the most efficient solutions to assist you in preparing for the High School Equivalency exam.

The math section of the GED exam measures your mathematical reasoning and practices skills at the level of graduating high school seniors. The GED math section allows you 115 minutes to deal with over 45 questions that come in various types, such as multiple choice, hot spot, drag-and-drop, or drop-down questions.

The GED math section covers two primary content fields, and around 45% of the math section will assess your skills in quantitative problem solving and this part includes geometric questions and number operations. The other 55% of the math section measures your algebraic knowledge and problem-solving skills.

On this first part, you cannot use a calculator. You need to complete this first section before you can move on the second part of the GED math test.

The second part comes with some 40 questions, and you are allowed to use an on-screen provided calculator, but you can also bring your own TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. After part one, there is a 3-minute break.

Please beware that you watch your time during the first part to make sure you have enough time left to complete the second part of the GED math test