GED Flash Aztec Review

Aztec’s GED Flash program helps GED students quickly check their knowledge of the four GED subtests in Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

Through GED Flash, they will receive ten questions at a time, and they will get instant feedback on their answers. Let’s take a closer look at the program in this GED Flash Aztec Review.

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GED Flash™ is a good study tool when students are working toward their GED® diplomas. It may not be the perfect way to study all GED concepts, but it is a quick and good help to refresh students’ knowledge prior to taking the official GED exam.

Aztec’s GED Flash program is closely related to the organization’s full GED prep course. It’s not a substitution for the prep course, but it offers additional support to build up their confidence.

How it started

Studies indicated that many GED students would like to have more access to GED sample questions when they’re preparing for the GED exam.

So GED Testing Service teamed up with Aztec Software to introduce the GED Flash program, a new interactive, online tool that can be used in a way that’s similar to the traditional flashcard concept.

GED Flash gives students the option to assess their GED subject knowledge and receive instant feedback. The program includes numerous sample questions that cover all topics found in the four GED subject tests.

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Get Your GED Diploma in 2 Months

The GED Flash tool provides immediate feedback about which questions the students answered correctly or not and also provides information on how they can hone their skills and knowledge, how to develop their own study plans, and how to improve their GED test results.

Online GED prep courses

However, before students use the GED Flash program, they should become proficient in the four GED subject fields. The Flash program is meant to assess knowledge and skills, not to study for the four subtests.

For that, they better sign up for a proper online GED prep course, such as Aztec’s GED course or one of many available good online GED prep courses.

If students complete the Aztec GED Prep course, they can be pretty sure they’ll pass the four GED modules and earn their High School Equivalency credentials. Check here to learn more about choosing a good online GED program.

The GED diploma qualifies holders to continue their education in college and attain better jobs. Today, just about every position, also at the entry level, requires applicants to hold at least a secondary education degree.

Aztec’s GED program continually uses and applies recent GED test data to develop new learning plans that cater to a variety of students with personalized learning plans.

There are more good online GED prep courses, such as, for example,

Study independently

In the Aztec GED prep course, students work independently. They can become proficient in all the GED subjects quickly through a well-articulated, comprehensive curriculum that’s designed to stimulate their studying motivation.

GED instructors often use Aztec students’ individualized learning plans to optimize their instruction and help students fill their knowledge and skill gaps.

Students can benefit from Aztec’s GED course, which includes a 4000+ bank of testing items that they can use for practice drills. There are some 70 lessons that cover all GED subject fields.

Students can access these resources 24/7 on their laptops or desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, or Chromebooks. Any device works!

Aztec’s clear and well-articulated instruction offers students a highly efficient way to get all set in a fast, self-paced way.

The instruction includes real-time study reports with answer explanations including correct answers, test-taking strategies, and computer literacy instruction.

Through the individual learning plan system, instructors can change a student’s lesson sequence and/or waive certain lessons in a student’s learning plan if the subject matter is fully mastered already or if it’s better to address the topics later on in the course.

The GED Flash program is developed by Aztec in cooperation with GED Testing Service, and the sample questions resemble what students will find on the real test with regard to structure, layout, and style.

There’s also student support regarding the GED extended response (essay) and how students can best go about creating their 5-paragraph GED essays.

The four GED subtests

Mathematical Reasoning – The Aztec GED course covers Basic Math, Basic Algebra, Geometry, and Graphs and Functions. Read also: GED Math Tips.

Reasoning through Language Arts – The RLA reading section addresses reading techniques, text features, finding and using textual evidence and supportive arguments, and standard English Language usage. Writing is covered through essay-writing instruction and techniques. Read also: GED Language Arts Tips.

Social Studies – The Social Studies portion covers analyzing and applying Social Studies topics in contexts, and topics covered include the U.S. and World History, Geography, Organization of Governments and Civis, and more. Read also: GED Social Studies Tips.

Science – Aztec’s Science portion covers analyzing and applying Scientific Information. This part includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Scientific procedures and notation. Read also: GED Science Tips.

Aztec’s Flash program is continually GED-aligned

Both Aztec’s GED prep course and the GED Flash program are updated on a continuous basis to make sure they will stay in line with all GED revisions and adjustments.

The lessons and sample questions are problem-centered and will lead to a better understanding of all the GED subject matter. Students are stimulated to absorb the information and develop analytical and critical thinking skills rather than just memorizing content.

The Aztec GED Flash program includes questions that mirror what’s on the real GED test. The answers include multiple-choice, draggable, hot spot, fill-in-the-blank, and short and extended answer formats.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that Aztec’s GED Flash program is a great additional tool for students looking to test or brush up their knowledge and skills and to see if they are ready for the real thing. But to be honest, it’s an extra tool, no more than that.

However, if students feel they can use the Flash program for extensive GED preparation, they should think again. Aztec GED Flash is not a GED prep course.

Students looking for that should benefit more from one of the many available online GED prep courses, including Aztec’s extensive online GED prep program.