GED Essay Topics

If you want to take the HSE (high school equivalency) exam, you need to show up at an official GED, HiSET, or TASC testing site optimally prepared as all the HSE exams are quite challenging. Take a look at these tips about types of essay topics used during the exam.

The HSE essay component requires you to compose a well-structured essay of roughly 200 to 400 words in a time frame of no more than 45 minutes. Take also a look at these free online GED® courses.

An effective and good essay requires a robust dissertation statement backed by research in some well-formulated paragraphs that are created around a specific kind of rhetorical approach. Though the GED essay topics can vary greatly, we can distinguish four key kinds of subjects: narrative, descriptive, informative or persuasive. When you have become familiarized with these varieties of topics, and when you have a good strategy ready for each class of topics, you can be sure to be properly prepared to be successful on the HSE essay part.

Narrative Topics

Narrative topics want you to come up with a private story or encounter. These types of topics could very well ask questions like: “Think of an event you will definitely never forget about,” or “Explain something about an experience that taught you something fundamental.” This type of questions is asking you to tell a personal story and requires a narrative strategy.

This implies that you need to learn to write an introduction paragraph that ends with a thesis that expresses the precise experience or matter you came to understand. Every subsequent paragraph will indicate why and how the encounter was essential and you will need to produce examples of the value of the encounter in your personal life.

Descriptive Topics

Descriptive questions are asking you to give an explanation of a person, a place, a thing or an idea in descriptive details. For instance, a subject that will be taken care of best with a descriptive essay could be: “Persons you find at the zoo” or “Our favorite treasures” or “The most horrible food I ever ate” or a subject matter that instantly reminds you of a description. When you are writing on a descriptive topic, it could be helpful to identify several distinct characteristics of the topic and devote one paragraph to the description of each characteristic.

Persuasive Topics

Persuasive topics want you to write an essay about your personal thoughts and opinions on a controversial subject. A typical persuasive subject could be: “A lot of people feel the age for drinking alcohol really needs to be dropped to 18 for the reason that the age at which you can vote is 18 and not 21.” An additional persuasive topic could well be: “People should not be allowed to smoke outdoors in public places.” A persuasive topic is expecting you to develop an approach to agree or disagree with a subject in a brief, well-organized essay. It is sensible to rehearse setting up persuasive essays on many different present-day situations and concerns.

Informative Topics

Informative topics want you to write about a procedure or process. A good illustration of such an informative topic is: “Describe how to produce a cake” or “Present the best way to write an application letter.” A very effective technique for producing an essay on an informative subject is splitting up the process or procedure in several (3 or 4) pieces and spend one paragraph on each element of the process. For instance, an informative essay on the production of a cake could talk about reading the recipe and getting the required tools, finding the ingredients, determining the various ingredients, and mixing and preparing the batter.

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