GED Classes Oceanside, California

In this post, we list all GED® prep facilities and testing sites in the Oceanside area.

California uses three options for High School Equivalency (HSE) testing, the GED, TASC, and HiSET exams.

HSE testing offers adults who never completed high school the opportunity to obtain a credential that is equivalent to a common high school diploma.

The GED includes four separate subtests (modules) in the academic fields of Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

The GED has become modular meaning you have the freedom to take one of the four modules at the time if you wish. Your scores are good for two years from the time of your first registration.

The TASC and HiSET exams are not modular and have separate reading and writing tests, so five in total.

The GED must be taken exclusively on a computer whereas the TASC and HiSET are offered on paper and on a computer.

Oceanside GED prep classes

GED Requirements in California

MiraCosta College (Community Learning Center)
1831 Mission Ave | Oceanside | CA 92057 | Phone: (760) 795.8736
MiraCosta College offers a GED program which serves the north coastal communities of San Diego County.

Oceanside Public Library (Oceanside Reads Learning Ctr)
321 North Nevada St | Oceanside | CA 92054 | Phone: (760) 435.5680

MiraCosta College Adult Education
1 Barnard Dr | Oceanside | CA 92056 | Phone: (760) 757.2121

Oceanside Adult Education
707 Carey Rd | Oceanside | CA 92058 | Phone: (760) 901.7170

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California Free GED Practice Test

Prep facilities around Oceanside (cities by alphabet)

MiraCosta College-San Elijo Campus 
3333 Manchester Ave | Cardiff by the Sea | CA 92007 | Phone: (760) 944.4449

Carlsbad Literacy Center
2020 Chestnut Ave | Carlsbad | CA 92008 | Phone: (760) 729.1713

Jobs for Progress Carlsbad 
5958 El Camino Real | Carlsbad | CA 92008 | Phone: (760) 929.8121

Carlsbad Adult Education HSE Program
801 Pine Ave | Carlsbad | CA 92008 | Phone: (760) 331.5299

National University Academy-Carlsbad
705 Palomar Airport Rd | Carlsbad | CA 92011 | Phone: (760) 630.4080

San Dieguito Union High
800 Santa Fe Dr | Encinitas | CA 92024 | Phone: (760) 753.7073 (ext. 5101)

North Coast Alternative High (Sunset High School)
684 Requeza St | Encinitas | CA 92024 | Phone: (760) 753.3860 (ext. 5602)

North County EOC (Palomar Coll.)
1951 East Valley Pkwy | Escondido | CA 92025 | Phone: (760) 744.1150 (ext. 8110)
Click here for all Escondido options

Fallbrook Employment Training Center
560 Industrial Way | Fallbrook | CA 92028 | Phone: (760) 728.0842

Vista Adult School
111 California Ave | Room B | Vista | CA 92084 | Phone: (760) 758.7122

Vista Adult Education Center
305 East Bobier Dr | Vista | CA 92084 | Phone: (760) 758.7122

Vista USD
510 Sunset Dr | Vista | CA 92081 | Phone: (760) 758.7122

Vista Literacy Center
145 Hannalei Dr | Vista | CA 92083 | Phone: (760) 726.3169

National University Academy HSE Program
2030 University Dr | Vista | CA 92083 | Phone: (760) 630.4080

San Diego Co. Library Program LEARN (online)
700 Eucalyptus Ave | Vista | CA 92084 | Phone: (760) 643.5144

Casa Raphael (Alpha Project for the Homeless)
993 Postal Way | Vista | CA 92083 | Phone: (760) 630.9922

California Free GED Online Classes

Oceanside area testing centers 

MiraCosta College (Discontinued)
1 Barnard Dr | Oceanside | CA 92056 | Phone: (760) 795.6685

San Dieguito Union School District HSE Testing
800 Santa Fe Dr | Encinitas | CA 92024 | Phone: (760) 753.7073

Escondido Adult Ed. HSE Testing
220 West Crest St | Escondido | CA 92025 | Phone: (760) 739.7300

Vista Adult Ed. HSE Testing
305 East Bobier Dr | Vista | CA 92084 | Phone: (760) 758.7122

Can You Join The Army With A GED?

Prepare well

The GED exam is not easy, so be sure to appear well prepared at a designated GED test site if you want to acquire the GED diploma. The GED organization’s website gives you all information regarding the GED program, and you must set up an account at the online portal MyGED where register for, pay for and schedule your tests. This is also a great location for information about the employment market, job trends and figures, and details on academic programs.

The HSE exam is quite challenging so make sure you get optimally prepared! For qualification criteria visit GED in California.

How about online GED, TASC, or HiSET testing?

Online GED, HiSET, or TASC testing is NOT possible. There is no HSE exam offered over the internet, and websites that claim differently are fraud! They just want your dollars and the documents they issue have no value and will not be accepted by schools and employers. You must show up at a state-designated GED testing site and take the tests in person. In early 2016, the GED organization lowered the passing score on each of the four GED subtests from 150 to 145 as is was apparently set too high. For more information check out this GED Passing Score News page. HiSET and TASC are scored in their own way.

The GED diploma and job options

New job opportunities with a GED diploma – An increasing number of opportunities come your way with your GED diploma where you can actually choose your next career. This is an exciting time for you where you have to find a means of combining your skills, experience and education gap that exists between your old and new careers.

In addition to these skills, it is necessary that you also gain some additional training and experience as it helps you find a good job in a new career. This is why you have to find out if you need to undergo some additional education, training or certifications for better job opportunities.

You could perhaps try to spend some time volunteering or consulting in your new career field, go for an internship or do some temporary job. Experts refer to all this as the development of a parallel career, which you should do before you actually quit your present job and go looking for a permanent and full-time position in your new career field. Moreover, if you have been pursuing the same job or position for quite some time now, it is very highly possible that there have been many changes in the market since you last went scouting the market. It is very important that you also update your job skills.

Like if you have acquired some computer knowledge or skills over the years, it is important you mention this in your job skills. Failure to do so will only make you less successful than you should be. It is actually easy doing this after your GED  preparation as while you prepare for it, you would have upgraded most of your skills.

So go through and improve all your resume-writing techniques, improve your networking skills and polish your interviewing skills. All this helps with your GED diploma, which opens up new job opportunities for you.

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