GED Academy Review

GED Academy or Essential Ed is one of the online GED programs available to students who want to pass the GED test by studying online.

This program has been on the market for a long time.

Many schools and libraries use this program to get you all set for the high school equivalency exam.

GED Academy is also a popular choice of students who use it to prepare for the test on their own schedule.

Is this program worth your time? Can you complete it within a year? Should you sign up?

To answer these questions, we’re taking an in-depth look at the GED Academy program.

GED Academy Fee

The fee for the GED Academy is $15 per month and you pay as you go. You can quit any time, there is no requirement for a long-term commitment.

The monthly fee gives you access to 6 other courses such as Money Essential and Computer Essential.

The Computer Essential program is a nice addition for students who don’t have much experience working with computers.

GED Academy Content

GED Academy has lessons in four subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. The GED diploma will get you into college and qualify you for better employment.

There are 80 hours of teaching materials, however, the program uses a personalized learning system, and thanks to this approach, a student might be assigned to a shorter learning path.

The automated process assigns students to the learning pathway based on their existing skill level. So for example, my friend Yolanda and I, we learned with GED Academy for our test and we got about 40-50 hours of learning. We were really happy about it because the learning time was shorter than we expected.

How it works

Upon joining the program, students don’t have access to all lessons. They must achieve a certain mark in a practice quiz before being able to move to the next lessons.

When you log in to your account for the first time, you will see only 2-3 lessons and a quiz.

This feature will be helpful to students who feel overwhelmed by the number of lessons they need to learn. We liked it a lot.

Switching GED Subjects

The student can switch between subject areas; there is no need to finish Math to access Science or Social Studies or Language Arts.

This is a useful feature as many students like to work on 2 subjects simultaneously. Another helpful feature is additional resources.

As the student moves through the program, some lessons that need additional work will appear as review lessons.

At any one time, the student will have a recommended lesson and an alternative lesson to choose from.

When the student has gone through the learning plan, he or she will be given a timed GED practice test for that subject.

If the student still needs more study, the system will generate a new learning plan. The system also offers extra credit studying for high-achieving students who want to increase their score.

GED Academy Cartoon Student Characters and Tutor

All GED Academy lessons are presented in the form of a narrative story. There are four characters and a virtual tutor. The cartoon student characters ask questions in an informal way and a tutor explains it all.

Some students (myself including) say these cartoon characters bring a lot of drama that is not related to learning while others similar to my friend Yolanda feel motivated by these stories presented by these stories.

I guess you need to check yourself if it works for you or that a program or curriculum at a physical school or adult education prep center suits you better for support and help.

You will also have access to some eBooks such as the GED Smartbook. This eBook explains how to plan and achieve your goals and motivate yourself.

There is also a chapter about test anxiety. It might be useful to know how to get rid of it because it can mess up good results.

Like any other online prep program, you can decide how much time you want to put into learning, maybe an hour a day or an hour a week. There are also longer practice tests that measure students’ readiness for the GED test that, upon successful completion, will lead to a far better career.

GED Academy Summary-It works!

Yolanda and I used the GED Academy to prepare for the GED test and we both passed the GED test so I can tell you this system works. Just to keep in mind that like with any other program, you need to put in your time and energy. Without that, nothing will work.

So to summarize, the GED Academy course is a popular GED preparation program used by many schools and individual students, the program uses a specific approach, and the lessons are presented by the cartoon characters. The program is cost-effective, and it’s worth to sign up, even if you just want to try it for a month or two.

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