GED Classes Framingham, Massachusetts

This page lists all GED®-HiSET prep sites and testing facilities in the Framingham area.

Massachusetts offers two options for HSE (high school equivalency testing, the GED and the HiSET.

The HSE program offers adults who could not complete their HS curriculum the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

The tests are at a level comparable to what HS seniors must command when they graduate.

The GED has four subtests in Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning.

The HiSET has separate reading and writing tests so five in total. The GED is computer-based while the HiSET is offered on-paper and on-computer.

The four GED subtests (modules) may be completed in as much as two years and you can also take the five HiSET modules one at a time if you wish.

GED Requirements in Massachusetts

Framingham GED-HiSET prep locations

Framingham Adult Education
31 Flagg Dr | Framingham | Massachusetts 01702 | Ph (508) 626-4282

Framingham Public Library (Literacy Unlimited Program)
49 Lexington Street | Framingham | MA 01702 | Phone: (508) 532.5574 (ext. 457)

Joan Brack Adult Learning Center (South Middlesex Opportunity Council)
7 Bishop Street | Framingham | MA 01702 | Phone: (508) 872.6570

Keefe Tech Continuing Education
750 Winter St | Framingham | Massachusetts 01702 | Ph (508) 935-0202

Prep sites around Framingham (cities in alphabetic order)

Massachusetts GED Practice Test

Boston HiSET-GED Classes (Adult Literacy Initiative) 
316 Huntington Avenue | Boston | MA 02115 | Phone: (617) 927.8244
To see all Boston area HiSET/GED prep courses go to Boston region GED-HiSET Programs

Hudson-Maynard Adult Education Ctr
69 Brigham Street | Hudson | MA 01749 | Phone: (978) 567.6250 (ext. 0137)

Alvirne High School
200 Derry Rd | Hudson | New Hampshire 03051, Ph: (603) 886.1260 (ext. 2504)

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
215 Fitchburg St | Marlborough | Massachusetts 01752 | Ph: (508) 485-9430 (ext. 216)

Maynard Adult Learning Center
12 Bancroft St | Maynard | Massachusetts 01754 | Ph: (978) 567-6250 (x 0137)

Milford YOU Inc. 
3 Exchange Street | Milford | Massachusetts 01757 | Phone: (508) 473-2178

CNE HSE prep classes
146 South Main Street | Milford | MA | Phone: (508) 482-0010
Located in the Big Lots Plaza-Blessing Barn

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish (Women’s Education Program)
79 Denton Rd | Wellesley | Massachusetts 02482 | Ph: (781) 235-7310

Quinsigamond Comm. Coll. HSE Instruction
751 Grove Street | Worcester | MA 01605 | Phone: (508) 751.7900
For all Worchester options click here

Massachusetts Free Online HSE Online Classes

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Framingham area testing centers

Boston Ctr. for Youth and Families
1483 Tremont St | Boston | MA 02120 | Phone: (617) 635-4920 (ext. 2540)

Roxbury Comm. Coll.
1234 Columbus Ave | Boston | MA 02120 | Phone: (617) 427-0060 (ext. 5193)

Quinsigamond Community Coll.
670 West Boylston St | Worcester | Massachusetts 01606 | Phone: (508) 854-4407

Can I join the army with a GED?

High School Equivalency

The General Educational Development (GED) test and the HiSET (short for High School Equivalency Test) are internationally recognized. They were developed to measure basic academic knowledge and skills in core subject areas usually are learned in four years of high school education.

A few years ago, Massachusetts had decided to drop the GED test and replace it with the more affordable HiSET (by ETS – Educational Testing Service) for the state’s High School Equivalency (HSE) assessment program. Two years ago, though, Massachusetts re-introduced the GED alongside the HiSET. If you want to check if you qualify for the HSE program, go to GED-HiSET in Massachusetts.

The  GED exam is measured on a scale that runs from 100 to 200 with 145-164 scaled score points considered as the Passing Standard for high school equivalency. 165-174 scaled score equals College Ready Scores, and 175-200 score points are College Ready + College Credit Scores.

Can I take the HiSET-GED online?

No, that’s not possible. You must come to a state-certified HiSET-GED test center and take the five HiSET tests in person, just like the four GED tests. Websites that tell you a different story are fraudulent, and only after your dollar. Don’t get fooled. Their “diploma’s, “Tests”, and “Certificates” are without any value, and you cannot use them for admission into colleges or for employment goals.

Get a better life

The GED and HiSET tests give you a chance to secure the job or career you’ve been dreaming about. Many adults who quit high school before graduating continued to learn on through experiences encountered in their everyday lives. The purpose of the GED and HiSET tests is to provide a chance for these people to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills at the level that compares to high school seniors.

HiSET-GED and the economy

We can find more than four million jobs in the U.S that are not filled, for a great part because of insufficiently qualified people. Most of these jobs require a high school degree. This offers the best chances for HiSET certificate holders. The strange thing is that at the same time we can see over 40 million men and women without a high school diploma.

The enormous lack of sufficient qualified candidates for these four million unfilled jobs negatively affects our economy. It just cannot function at its full potential. By acquiring your HiSET-GED certificate you will have the chance to secure one of these good-paying jobs. Your income will benefit, you will ensure a brighter future for yourself and your family, and you contribute to a better performing economy. Getting your HiSET certificate is the first and very important move towards a better life.

Private high school loans & student loan debt reduction

Once you’ve earned your Massachusetts HSE diploma, a college education may be waiting for you. But overcoming financial hurdles might be pretty challenging. You may be interested in obtaining a Private High School Loan. Well, many parents are finding that it is in their children’s best interest to have them attend a private high school in order to provide a solid foundation and to prepare their student children for the highly challenging demands of college.

Due to several factors with the public education system such as Federal budget cuts, lack of qualified teachers, and overall lower quality education, the education provided by public schools has been on a steady decline for several decades.

Interested in applying for a Private High School Loan?
Private High School Loans are not the only types of private loans available. Some of the other private loan instruments that are available are:

• Private K-12 loans
• Private college student loans
• Private Grad student loans
• Private Professional student loans

Many private high schools offer an in-school financing option to parents in order to support higher enrollment. However, it is important for parents that they are interested in financing their children’s education with Private High School Loans as well and to thoroughly research all of their options; there may be a more affordable source of financing than that which is provided by the high school.

There are two types of Private High School Loans available:

• Fixed-Rate Private High School Loans – The interest rate remains the same over the life of the loan.
• Variable Rate Private High School Loans – The interest rate will increase periodically over the life of the loan.

Many schools that offer Private High School Loans, also require a loan origination fee which is typically between 5% to 6 %. The origination fee is usually deducted from the loan disbursement. Short-term fixed-rate private school loans usually do not include an origination fee; instead, a higher interest rate percentage is used, for example, 1% at ten years, or 2% at five years.

It is important to note that Private High School Loans are not guaranteed by the Federal government or the Department of Education. Parents who are interested in obtaining a Private High School Loan for their children’s education must pass a credit check. For those parents who are ineligible to receive the loan, there may still be an option to receive the loan if an endorser cosigns the loan.

Student Loan Debt Reduction

Though taking out a student loan, or a private high school loan, may be a great option at times, some caution is at place. Student loan debt reduction became a hot topic over the last years along with other financial difficulties such as mortgage scandals, sub-prime lending, and the continually rising national and personal debt situation in America.

When they’re faced with tough economic conditions, debtors tend to look for ways to reduce their debt obligation position with more fervor than before. In the same way, students with outstanding loans will be looking for ways to reduce their debt in order to reduce their monthly repayment amount.

Interested in student loan debt reduction?

There are several ways to reduce your student loan repayment obligations. Options to reduce your student loan debt position include:

• Consolidate your student loans
• Forbearance options
• Refinance your student loans
• Loan forgiveness programs for teachers
• Armed service loan forgiveness initiatives

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 66 percent of all students are leaving college with student debt. To some extent, these ever-soaring college loan numbers are caused by skyrocketing tuition costs across America, which were increased by often double the inflation rate over recent years.

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