How To Get A Copy Of My GED

Getting a copy of your GED® is easy, and it’s done online if you passed the computer-based GED test after January 1, 2014.

After successfully completing the four GED subtests, you have earned the GED diploma.

The electronic diploma and transcript will be sent by email at no cost (including download links) to the email address that’s associated with your account at

Please keep in mind that these downloadable links are available for a limited time only. So please make sure you’ll download these electronic documents immediately and save them.

The digital version (PDF) of your Diploma is provided by Parchment, a secure, electronic transcript fulfillment for high schools nationwide.

Parchment/GED Testing Service verifies the GED PDF documents each time they are opened, and they use Blue Ribbon Security technology.

The PDF documents include the blue ribbon symbol, which assures that the certificate is valid, the digital credential is valid, and that the content of the credential wasn’t altered.

This digital version of the GED diploma is essential because you can forward them electronically to colleges and employers that are accepting electronic credentials.

The initial GED certificate is issued for free after completing the GED test.

However, for each repeat or historical request, the individual or organization that makes the request (e.g., past student, employer, school, employment verification firm) pays in most states a $15 fee.

Printed GED Diploma

In your account at, you can order your printed GED diploma for free.

Just log in to your account, select “My Scores” and then “Order Duplicates.” You should choose the “Diploma” option, after which you select the option “Printed Diploma – Free.”

You’ll have to indicate to whom and to which address your GED diploma should be sent.

Bear in mind that this free diploma link is only available until it was used and that it can be used one time only!

So be very careful and follow the provided instructions cautiously while ordering your free diploma!

Ordering duplicates of your GED Diploma

If you want to request another copy of your GED diploma for yourself, an employer, or for a college, you can do it, but bear in mind that this is not free.

Each ordered duplicate GED diploma will set you back $15 and in Kansas, even $20.

You can choose between printed or electronic copies of your credentials, so please check with employers and/or schools what type of credential they will accept before you place your order.

In many states, the Department of Education is holding the official records for the HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma Program.

GED Testing Service issues the GED exam, and Parchment provides the GED diploma and transcripts in cooperation with the GED Testing Service on behalf of the Departments of Education in many states.

For a full list of states and jurisdiction for which Parchment/GED Testing Service provides GED documents and copies, check out the bottom of this page.

You can see there if Parchment/GED Testing Service is providing these services in your state. If not, contact your state’s Department of Education or the department responsible for issuing the High School Equivalency credential.

Copy of the “old” version of your GED Diploma

When you completed the GED exam before 2014, you’ll have to set up an account on the website After you have registered your account, go to the page “Transcript Request.”

You’ll have to submit in which state you passed the GED test. If you don’t remember that, you can submit your best guess.

Keep in mind that you cannot pick up your duplicate transcript or diploma in person.

Can I request a copy on behalf of a test-taker?

If you want to request a GED credential verification or place an order on behalf of a GED test-taker (a so-called “Third Party Request”), bear in mind that that can only be provided if you order it at Parchment/GED Testing Service if your state cooperates with Parchment.

You’ll have to set up a Parchment account and more information on how to use your Parchment account for verification purposes, check out the Parchment/GED Testing Service website.

If your state doesn’t work with Parchment/GED Testing Service,  contact your state’s department responsible for issuing GED credentials.

Parchment/GED Testing Service provides GED diplomas, transcripts, and copies of these documents from these states and jurisdictions: Washington DC, Washington State, Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oregon, Maryland, Kansas, Hawaii, Florida, California, Alabama, International, Employer Programs, DANTES, and Bermuda.


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