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Class Organization in a Paper

Organization is very important in a paper because it helps the reader follow the writer’s train of thought. So, there are several types of organization, and some of those I’ve written up here on the board. The important thing is that the writer picks a method of organization and sticks with it through the entire […]

Writing a Response to the Text

After determining your own opinion and evaluating the credibility of your supporting text, it is sometimes necessary to communicate your ideas in findings to others. So, that’s when writing a response to a text comes in, and the purpose of writing a response to the text is to communicate your ideas and findings to others. […]

Rhetorical Schemes

Authors use rhetorical schemes to emphasize, draw analogies, and engage the reader. Some common rhetorical schemes are parallelism, repetition, and antithesis. Now, rhetorical schemes are just devices used to make your writing stronger and more interesting. So, these are just a few of many different rhetorical schemes, and if you interested in more ideas, you […]

Revising and Editing

After you’ve written a rough draft, it’s important to read back over that paper and improve it, to revise and edit it in order to make it better. Now, in order to make that paper better, you need to read all of that paper again. You need to look over every single paragraph to reread […]


Making an outline can often be helpful when you’re about to write a paper. You don’t always have to make an outline, but it’s recommended, and some teachers may require that you write an outline before you start on your paper. So, an outline just gives you an idea of what you’re going to be […]

Order of Sections of a Draft

When you’re writing, you may think everything needs to be perfectly organized whenever you first start. That the thesis needs to be at the beginning, all the body paragraphs need to be in order, and you need to have a conclusion at the end. But that’s not true. Whenever you’re drafting, whenever you’re working on […]

Making Your Paper Professional

No matter what your paper is for, it’s important to make your paper look professional when you’re typing it. So, I want to go over a few tips to make your paper look professional. First of all, choose a normal font. Don’t choose anything too fancy or something hard to read. Just go with a […]

Looking for Mistakes

Looking for mistakes in any piece of writing is extremely important. This is just another way to say “proofreading.” You need to proofread whatever you have written to look for any grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, or other structural mistakes of your sentences. Like I said, this is extremely important. So, generally, ask for someone else […]

Introduction II

An introduction is a vital part of a paper because it sets the tone for the rest of the paper. And oftentimes, a reader will decide to read past the introduction only if the introduction is well written. So it’s very important that you put some thought and effort into the introduction. So, there are […]


The introduction will always come at the beginning of an essay. The introduction is extremely important. Okay, when someone’s reading your essay and they start to read the introduction, and your introduction is poorly written, they may stop there and not even read the rest of your essay. So, remember that the introduction is going […]