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GED Classes Roseville, California

This post includes an overview of HSE (high school equivalency) prep locations in Roseville and surroundings where help is offered by committed teachers to get properly prepared for the GED® (General Education Development) exam. Besides the GED has California decided to offer the alternative assessments HiSET and TASC. If you want to see if you’re eligible for […]

GED Classes Sugar Land, Texas

In this article, you can discover all HSE (high school equivalency) preparatory locations in the Sugar Land area. Texas offers three exams for this purpose: GED, TASC, and HiSET exams. The GED (General Educational Development) is comprised of four separate tests that measure an applicant’s skills and academic knowledge as compared to high school graduates. To […]

Going to college and your relationship

After graduating high school, many couples have to face the tough decision about the future of the relationship. Whether one of the two is still in high school or both are going to separate colleges, choosing how (or if) to continue is not at all easy. For most couples, this means entering a long-distance relationship. […]

Should I Change My Major?

  I’ve been seriously thinking about changing my major lately.  Yes, part of the reason is the horrible things physics (a C last fall) and organic chemistry (also a C last fall, looks like I am headed for another C this spring) have done to my GPA.  Two years ago I was on the dean’s’ […]

Is High School Just A Game?

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you regarding high school is this: high school is just a game. You’ve got to play to win. Stay with me for a second and hopefully you can understand. In high school, the most stressed factor is your academics. However, your grades don’t always tend to […]

Preparing to become independent

If you’re leaving for college soon for the first time, chances are you’re keeping a close watch on that calendar and watching the days tick away. As it gets closer and closer, the reality that you’re going to be leaving home will start to sink in. Already you’re probably feeling the excitement increasing. But admit […]

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