GED Classes Bowie, Maryland

This article lists all GED® preparatory sites and testing centers in the Bowie region.

Maryland uses the GED exam for its HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The HSE program gives adults who haven’t completed high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The test of General Education Development (GED) has four separate subtests in Science, Literacy, Math, and Social Studies.

You are allowed two years to complete the entire GED battery.

There is no paper-based GED testing, everything must be done on a computer.

GED Requirements in Maryland

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Bowie GED prep locations

Adventist Healthcare ACES Learning Center 
3262 Superior Lane | Ste 206 | Bowie | MD 20715 | Ph: (877) 468.6433

Tall Oaks Alternative High School
2112 Church Road | Bowie | MD 20721 | Ph: (301) 390.0230

Prep sites around Bowie (cities in alphabetic order)

Opportunities Industrialization Ctr (OIC – Annapolis)
1908 Forest Drive | Annapolis | MD 21403 | Ph: (410) 799.9099
See all Annapolis area GED classes on this website’s Annapolis area page

Sarah’s House (Catholic Charities GED Instruction)
2015 20th Street | Fort Meade | MD 20755 | Ph: (410) 551.7722

Huntington Learning Center Gambrills
1403 S Main Chapel Way | Gambrills | MD 21054 | Ph: (410) 451.0049

Springhill Lake Recreation Center
6101 Cherrywood Lane | Greenbelt | MD 20770 | Ph: (301) 345.6660 (x 2016)

Maryland Free GED Practice Test

Greenbelt Municipal Building (CARES – Liz Park)
25 Crescent Road | Greenbelt | MD 20770 | Ph: (301) 345.6660 (x 2016)

Eleanor Roosevelt High (PGCC)
7601 Hanover Parkway | Greenbelt | MD 20770 | Ph: (301) 546.0891

Prince George’s Comm. Coll. GED Education
301 Largo Road | Kettering | MD 20774 | Ph: (301) 546.0891

Ascension Lutheran Church (PGCC)
7415 Buchanan Street | Landover Hills | MD 20784 | Ph: (301) 546.0891

Prince George’s Community College
301 Largo Road | Largo | MD 20774 | Ph: (301) 546.0891

Laurel College Center (PGCC GED Classes)
312 Marshall Avenue | Laurel | MD 20707 | Ph: (301) 546.0891

Woodland JobCorps Center GED Instruction
3300 Ft. Mead Road | Laurel | MD 20724 | Ph: (301) 362.6000

Odenton Regional Library
1325 Annapolis Road | Odenton | MD 21113 | Ph: (410) 222.6277

YWCA Odenton (AACC)
8379 Piney Orchard Parkway | Odenton | MD 21113 | Ph: (410) 799.9099

Latin American Youth Center (Center for Educational Partnership)
6200 Sheridan Street | Riverdale | MD 20737 | Ph: (301) 779.2851

Academy Of Hope GED Classes
601 Edgewood Street NE | Suite 25 | Washington | DC 20017 | Ph: (202) 269.6623 (x 111)
For all DC prep sites click here

Maryland Free Online GED Classes

Bowie area GED testing centers

Parkdale High School GED testing
6001 Good Luck Road | Riverdale Park | MD 20737 | Ph: (301) 513.5700

Center of Applied Technology
800 Stevenson Road | Severn | MD 21144 | Ph: (410) 969.3100

University DC Testing Ctr
410 Eighth Street NW | Ste 6-601 | Washington | DC 20004 | Ph: (202) 274.7174

How to choose online GED classes

GED scoring

If you want to information about the adjusted GED scoring requirements (to pass each test you now need to attain at least a 145 score), check out this GED Scoring News page. Studies had indicated that the passing norm was initially set at a too high level in relation to that of graduating high school seniors. See also this page that has links to all U.S. GED prep locations and programs. Holding a GED allows for continued education in college, and will also lead to better-paying employment options. For qualification requirements go to GED programs in Maryland.

How to register for the GED

Visit for all answers on your possible questions and sign up with the online portal MyGED to learn everything about procedures, preparation, registration, scheduling your tests and how to re-schedule without penalties, job development, and further academic education. The GED exam is pretty challenging so if you want to go the GED track, make sure you’ll get as prepared as you possibly can. At the prep sites listed in this post, committed instructors will get you all set for your GED goal.

Is the GED available online?

No. There is no online GED exam or diploma. Websites that claim something else are false. You are required to go to a state-approved GED testing center and sit for the GED tests in person. Forget about websites that want to make you believe something else. There is no online possibility to take the GED test and the documents that these robbers issue are without any value. An online prep course may be a great option, though, for many students.

GED and the economy

Nowadays, a high school diploma (or equivalency) is the minimum education that you will be needing for just about every sort of job, and you will need it too if you want to get a college education. After completion of the four subtests, you will receive the Maryland High School Diploma, and the exam is available in English, Spanish and French, though the section Language Writing must be done in English.

Paying for college – is passive income real?

The GED diploma will get you into college but how to get all that financed without having a student loan? Maybe running your own online business will work but watch out for loopholes and other bad practices. Passive income is still one of the buzzwords that gurus use to lure you into their trap. They talk about funneling people into their sales pages in the same way that duck hunters used trapped calling ducks to lure wild ducks into a narrowing funnel.

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Passive income streams are available to everyone free. Never pay anyone for an idea. Ideas are free. Forget gurus. Forget making money online cons and pyramid marketing scams. Passive income means work. It means repeatedly earning from the same work. It means letting your work earn for you 24/7 while you sleep.

Did you notice the W word? There is no getting away from the 4 letter W word. Any guru who claims otherwise is lying.

Article writing is the one form of Working for passive income, blogging is another. You can outsource the work, but you still have to Work, organizing your freelancers and writing blog posts. You can outsource some of the work, but there is still Work that you have to do.

Build Your Reputation Online

In the early days of your online writing, you need to be building up your reputation. I started writing seriously a few years back and I spent a lot of time on forums helping others and asking questions myself. I earned the reputation of being a hard-working and honest guy.

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