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This article shows all GED® prep class sites and testing facilities in the Belle Glade area. Florida is using the GED exam for its high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

The General Education Development (GED) program is developed for individuals who don’t hold a high school diploma.

This way, they can earn a credential that is all over North America accepted in the same way as a common high school diploma.

The GED comes with four separate subtests (modules) in these academic subject areas: Social Studies, Science, Literacy, and Math.

The GED exam measures your knowledge and competencies at a level that is similar to that of graduating high school seniors.

The GED test is administered exclusively on a computer. Paper-based testing is not possible anymore.

You have the option to deal with the four GED modules (subtests) one at a time.

Online GED testing has never been possible but now, with the arrival of a new online, proctored GED testing option that has changed. Read more below,

Belle Glade GED prep facilities

Glades Family Education
981 SE First Street | Belle Glade | Florida 33430 | Ph: (561) 992.8068

Palm Beach County Farmworkers Education Program
607 S Main Street | Belle Glade | Florida 33430 | Ph: (561) 992.7405

GED Requirements in Florida

Locations around Belle Glade (cities by alphabet)

Clewiston Adult School
475 E Osceola Avenue | Clewiston | Florida 33440 | Ph: (863) 983.1511

Clewiston High School 
1501 S Fransisco Street | Clewiston | Florida 33440 | Ph: (863) 983.1511

Indiantown Adult Education Center GED Classes
15255 SW Jackson Ave | Indiantown | Florida 34956 | Ph: (772) 597.3848

Indiantown Adult H.S. GED Classes
16491 SW Farm Rd | Indiantown | FL 34956 | Ph: (772) 597.3252

Indian River Community College-Dixon Hendry Campus
2229 NW 9th Ave | Okeechobee | Florida 34972 | Ph: (863) 824.6009

Wellington High (Adult & Community Ed.)
2101 Greenview Shores Blvd | Wellington | FL 33414 | Ph: (561) 795.4910
More Wellington options are listed on our West Palm Beach page

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Check page GED testing requirements in Florida to see if you qualify for the program.

Florida Free Online GED Classes

Belle Glade area GED testing sites

Belle Glade Adult & Community Education (West Tech Building 6)
2625 State Road 715 | Belle Glade | Florida 33430 | Ph: (561) 351.9464

Clewiston Adult Education
475 E Osceola Avenue | Clewiston | Florida 33440 | Ph: (863) 893.1511

Okeechobee County School District GED testing
700 SW 2nd Ave | Okeechobee | Florida 34974 | Ph: (863) 462.5000

Palm Beach County Testing Center
3950 RCA Blvd | Suite 5002 | Palm Beach Gardens | Florida 33410 | Ph: (561) 649-6870

Introducing an online GED testing option

So far, sitting for the computer-based GED test over the internet was never an option. To earn your GED diploma, you had to appear personally at an official Florida GED testing facility and pass the exam. Well, now that is changing with the introduction of an online, proctored GED test where an online proctor helps you through the process. Check out ‘Introducing the online GED exam for more information.

Who is the GED exam for?

The computer formatted GED test is for persons who never received a high school diploma. The GED test offers them another chance to acquire an equivalent degree. The certificate that will be awarded after successful completion of the Florida GED exam is nationwide acknowledged and accepted as an equivalency to a common high school diploma by employers, government organizations, recruiters, and colleges.

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There are websites that want to make you believe that you can earn your GED diploma online via their sites, but mind you, this is fraudulent. You should not buy any GED documents over the internet. Those documents are worthless and will be easily recognized by employers and schools, So don’t get ripped off by these con artists who just want to steal your dollars.

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