Authoritarian and Totalitarian Government

Authoritarian and totalitarian governments are very similar, but they have a few differences. So, I have those similarities and differences written up on the board, and I want to take a look at those briefly.

First of all, we need to remember that both of these governments give very little freedom to their citizens. To accomplish this, they have rule by only a few people, and the government is made up of unelected rulers.


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So, if you think about a few people being involved in government, there’s very few checks and balances among the government. Instead, the government officials can get in cahoots together to make sure that all of their governmental policies benefit them the most.

Also, since the rulers are unelected, people have little to no say in who their leaders are, and thereby have little to no say in what the government’s policies are. Now, like I said, in both forms of government, the citizens have very little freedom, but in an authoritarian government, they have some freedom. But in a totalitarian government, the citizens have little to no freedom. The totalitarian government is very centralized and regulates almost every aspect of their citizens’ lives. So, that’s a brief look at the differences and similarities between an authoritarian and totalitarian government.

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