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This page lists all GED® prep locations and testing sites in the Altus area. Oklahoma uses the fully computerized GED exam for its HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The state also embraced the HiSET® exam for this purpose which is available in both paper-based and computerized versions.

HiSET and GED testing can be done both online and at certified HSE test centers.

The HSE program gives individuals who quit high school prematurely the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

The GED exam has four independent subtests in the fields of Math, Science, Literacy, and Social Studies.

You can take one of these subtests (modules) at a time. There’s no need to take it all in one session.

The HiSET exam includes five subject tests (Literacy has individual writing and reading tests) that can be done separately as well.

In earlier days, you could never sit for the HSE exam in an online format. Now, fortunately, that has changed with the arrival of online proctored GED and HiSET testing options. For more information, check below.

Altus GED prep facilities

Southwest Technology Center (SWTC) 
711 West Tamarack Rd, Altus, OK 73521, Phone: 580-477-2250

Altus Adult Learning Center
220 North Park Ln, Altus, OK 73522, Phone: 580-481-2155 / 2134

Great Plains Literacy Council
421 North Hudson St, Altus, OK 73521, Phone: 580-477-2890

GED Requirements in Oklahoma

Locations around Altus (cities in alphabetic order)

Clarendon College Adult Education
1902 Ave G NW, Ste 1, Childress, TX 79201, Phone: 940-937-2001

Region 9 Adult Education (Chillicothe High)
1 Eagle St, Chillicothe, Texas 79225, Phone: 940.322.6928

Elk City Adult Ed. GED Program
222 W Broadway, Elk City, OK 73644, Phone: 580-225-4154
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Frederick High
312 North 15th St, Frederick, OK 73542, Phone: 580-335-5521

Western Technology Center-Hobart
1000 South Bailey St, Hobart, OK 73651, Phone: 580-726-8400

Lawton Goodwill HSE Classes
1901 West Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK 73501, Phone: 580.699.5580 (ext. 3005)
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New Hope Recovery Center
2 Wickersham Dr, Mangum, OK 73554, Phone: 580-782-3337
Not open to the public

Thompson-Sawyer Library (Distance Learning option)
403 W Third St, Quanah, Texas 79252, Phone: 940.322.6928

Vernon College
4400 College Dr, Vernon, Texas 76384, Ph: 940.552.6291 (ext. 2317)

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To see if you qualify, check out the page GED in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Online Free GED Classes

GED testing centers in the Altus region

After Altus, Cities by Alphabet

Western Oklahoma State College (HiSET/GED)
2801 North Main Street, Altus, OK 73521, Phone 580-477-2000/7921

Elk City HiSET Testing Center (Regional Learning Center)
700 West Second Street, Elk City, OK 73644, Phone 580-225-4154

Comanche Nation Education Center GED testing
1608 SW Ninth Street, Lawton, OK 73501, Phone 580-591-0203

Great Plains Technical Center GED/HiSET Test Site
4500 West Lee Boulevard, Lawton, OK 73505, Phone 580-250-5562

Vernon College GED Test Center
4400 College Drive, Vernon, TX 76384, Phone 940-552-6291

Your future

Oklahoma GED Practice Tests

Besides the GED, Oklahoma also introduced an alternative, the HiSET exam. This option is slightly cheaper than the GED and is offered both on paper and on a computer. The GED passing score for each of the four separate modules is 145. The HiSET is scored differently.

In the United States, we still can find some forty million adults who never finished high school, and successful completion of the GED test will definitely result in a better future. Every year, over 500,000 adults pass the GED tests and you could do the same.

People with a GED credential make around $9,600 more per year than those who do not have a secondary education degree. So you see, it really pays off to spend time getting ready for the GED exam! It’s not only about the financial rewards, though. Having a rewarding career will also boost your self-esteem and having a brighter future is what it’s all about, wouldn’t you agree?

New online GED and HiSET tests

It used to be that students looking to earn their Oklahoma HSE (high school equivalency) diploma always had to appear, in-person, at one of the state’s official HSE testing sites. Online testing was simply never offered. But now, we’ve seen the introduction of both HiSET and GED online proctored test-taking options.

For more detailed information on the newly introduced online HiSET proctored exam, go to this article: ‘Introducing an online HiSET option’, and to get informed about the recently launched online proctored GED testing option, visit ‘Introducing a new online GED test-taking option’.


Last Updated on January 20, 2021.

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