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Listed here are all GED® prep facilities and testing locations in and around Alhambra.

California welcomed the computer-based GED exam for its HSE (high school equivalency) program.

The state also welcomed the TASC and HiSET that are offered both on-paper and on-computer.

HSE testing is for individuals who did not complete high school and gives them the chance to acquire an equivalent credential.

The GED exam has four independent subtests (or modules) in Social Studies, Math, Literacy, and Science.

TASC and HiSET include five testing sections as the Literacy part has separate reading and writing tests.

All three tests offer the possibility to take the modules one at a time when you’re sufficiently prepared.

The GED test is done on a computer, while the TASC and HiSET can be done both on a computer and on paper.

Alhambra HSE prep sites

GED Requirements in California

AMA Adult Education Center (DISCONTINUED)
217 N Garfield Ave | Alhambra | CA 91801 | Phone: (626) 308.2247

Alhambra Civic Center Library HSE Classes
101 S First St | Alhambra | CA 91801 | Phone: (626) 570.3281

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Prep sites around Alhambra (cities by alphabet)

California Free GED Practice Test

Arcadia Adult Ed. 
234 Campus Dr | Arcadia | CA 91006 | Phone: (626) 447.2165

El Monte-Rosemead Adult Education 
10807 Ramona Blvd | El Monte | CA 91731 | Phone: (626) 258.5800
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East Los Angeles Skills Ctr HSE Classes
3921 Selig Place | Los Angeles | CA 90031 | Phone: (323) 224-5970
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Montebello Adult Education
820 NorthWilcox Ave | Montebello | CA 90640 | Phone: (323) 887-3092

E. Los Angeles College HSE Lessons
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez | Monterey Park | CA 91754 | Phone: (323) 260-8174

Pasadena Reads HSE Instruction
1355 N Raymond Ave | Pasadena | CA 91103 | Phone: (626) 744-4034
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El Rancho Adult Ed.
9515 Haney Street | Pico Rivera | CA 90660 | Phone: (562) 801.5009

Temple City Adult Education 
9229 Pentland St | Temple City | CA 91780 | Phone: (626) 548-5050

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California Free Online GED Classes

Alhambra area HSE testing centers

Garfield Adult Education HSE testing (DISCONTINUED)
217 North Garfield Ave | Alhambra | CA 91801 | Phone: (626) 308.2247

El Monte-Rosemead Adult Education HSE testing
10807 Ramona Blvd | El Monte | CA 91731 | Phone: (626) 258.5800

Glendale Comm. Coll. HSE testing
1122 E Garfield Ave | Glendale | CA 91205 | Phone: (818) 243-3184

Can I join the army with a GED?

Alternatives TASC and HiSET

The GED exam includes four tests in these academic subjects: Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies. Besides the GED, California residents can also take two alternatives, the TASC and the HiSET tests, but testing sites decide which exam(s) they are using, so contact a test center close to you. The HSE (high school equivalency) diploma is accepted by practically all U.S. schools and employers.

GED acceptance

The GED (General Education Development) program and the alternatives HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) and TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) support adults who were not in the position to graduate from high school. This traject offers them the opportunity to earn a credential that is equivalent to a standard high school diploma. The California HSE diploma will surely improve their employment prospects and is their ticket to continued education at institutions of higher education.

Online testing – NO option

Please note that the GED, TASC, and HiSET exams are not available online. You must come in person to an official California testing site and sit for the tests in person. Websites that have a different story are run by con artists. There is just NO online high school equivalency testing available. Online-bought documents have absolutely no value and will definitely be rejected by schools and employers!

GED scoring

The passing score for each of the GED tests was reduced to 145 (from 150) two years after the new GED program was launched. If you want to learn more about this important decision check out this Passing Score News article. HiSET and TASC have different scoring methods. For eligibility criteria and a lot more information go to GED CA requirements. Not all three HSE exams are offered at all testing sites, so get well informed.

GED and the economy

The GED program was first introduced by the United States War Dept. during the 1940s to help military employees with obtaining additional education and better employment options. There are still around 40 million men and women in the U.S. who, for whatever reason, never completed high school, and the GED program is mainly meant for them.

Completing the California HSE test successfully will lead to improved professional possibilities and open doors of colleges and universities. Each year, more than half a million people pass the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam, and you could very well be one of them.

Community College

When you’re not enthusiastic about your high school or GED grades, bear in mind that usually, admission requirements for a community college or career training school are lower and that many are not requiring standardized test scores (like SAT or ACT) for their acceptance procedures. You may complete an associate’s degree at a community college and start a career, or use your degree when you want to transfer to a 4-year university or college to earn a bachelor’s degree and possibly more.

Many students at community colleges later go on to a 4-year school to earn a higher degree. But make sure to get those higher grades. If you’ll maintain a GPA of 3.0 or even higher while you’re working towards an associate’s degree, you’ll have far better chances to be able to transfer to your favored four-year college or university.

Now if you’ve secured your HSE diploma, you may go to college. If you’re leaving for college soon for the first time, chances are you’re keeping a close watch on that calendar and watching the days tick away. As it gets closer and closer, the reality that you’re going to be leaving home will start to sink in. Already you’re probably feeling the excitement increasing.

But admit it, you’re probably a bit nervous too. For the first time, you’ll be on your own. If you’re used to your parents constantly being there for you and hawking over you, this is going to be quite the new experience. When you have a part-time job to survive, take a look at this paycheck calculator to see how your hourly earnings compare to a full salary. It’s definitely best to start fending for yourself. Becoming more self-reliant now will save you a lot of hassle of having to learn it later on.

How about Culinary School?

Culinary schools offer training in many disciplines, including, baking, catering, becoming a chef, pastry, nutrition, and more. Many of the culinary schools provide you with the ability to earn the coveted Le Cordon Bleu degree. The staff at culinary arts schools are professional chefs who understand the challenges of preparing great meals and menus in a commercial environment.

Each culinary arts school has in-house kitchens, so all your training will happen with all the latest in kitchen equipment. And, of course, you will receive the best of training on menu and meal preparation itself. Cooking classes can cover many specialties, such as becoming a pastry chef, Italian cooking, French cooking, Indian cooking, or one of many other specialties.

Culinary school graduates find themselves working in restaurants, hotels, clubs, and a variety of other places. As a head chef, the work includes directing the activities of the staff, including planning the menu, ensuring that the right ingredients are available, and preparing the food. Culinary arts schools also train you to manage budgeting, purchasing supplies, hiring staff, and running the kitchen. Caterers have the added challenge of delivering the food to an offsite location. A career as a baker, caterer, chef, or pastry chef may be right for you if you have a love of food and also enjoy the challenges of planning and preparing it.

Nothing to Wear for Your Job Interview?

If you have earned your California HSE diploma, a better job might be waiting for you! But what if you as a single have nothing decent to wear when you’re invited for a job interview? Some words of advice.

With everything else single mothers have to worry about, dressing for a job interview might be the last thing on their mind. In fact, you might consider the best dress you’ve had in your closet for years the only interview attire you have.

Proper business attire gives a first impression to your potential employers, and the sharper you look, the more likely you are to get the job. If they see that you look professional, they are more likely to picture you in that professional role. But how can you possibly afford a nice suit or a business dress when you’re doing your best to put food on the table?

Organizations like Dress for Success are the answer for single mothers. Dress for Success offers a woman a nice suit for an interview, free of charge. When she gets the job, she can return to Dress for Success to receive a few more pieces of clothing, and those can start the basis of a new professional wardrobe. Dress for Success also offers career services that can help you succeed in your new job.

But it isn’t just Dress for Success that offers this kind of help. Many domestic abuse shelters give their residents a bit of help with clothing. It stands to reason that many victims of abuse got out when they saw the opportunity and left with only their children and the clothes they were wearing. They need clothing to start fresh. If you are a resident in a domestic violence shelter or are working closely with one to get your life back together, ask about professional clothing for your next job interview.

Church clothing closets often have a special section for those who need professional attire. You might also find this same section at thrift stores. Places like the Salvation Army sometimes offer a deep discount or a certain dollar amount of clothing for free, as long as it is being used for a specific purpose, such as that job interview.  Stop in at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store and find out more about what they offer. These types of places are great resources for single mothers.

When you do have that interview, dress as neatly and cleanly as possible. Even if the suit you wear is older, or even if you don’t have a suit to wear, your personal grooming habits can make you look professional. Style your hair appropriately, keep your nails clean and trimmed, and wear only very simple jewelry.

Most importantly, project an air of “can-do” confidence. You can do this job, and you deserve to have it! Carry yourself with confidence, no matter what you are wearing, and your first impression is bound to be a good one.

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